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Customer Comments

My followers were asked what they loved most about Lisa Bee’s. 420 people responded on social media. Here are a few of my favorites. -Lisa

Facebook Comments from 2018

Lisa F: So many things, I don’t know where to start...I love the way you help our community, always doing something to help someone or family in need. Your peach shakes, delicious food, yummy desserts, all the locally made nicknacks/merchandise, staff and most importantly you, Lisa. You don’t know a stranger, you make each and everyone of us feel welcomed in your establishment. Also I love your realness, your take it or leave it attitude, not a trait seen very often, keep it up!! One of my family’s favorite places to go.

Kaytie H: My favorite thing about Lisa Bee's is the vibe. Not only is it cute but she has done everything in there with intention to make it somewhere enjoyable for anyone who might walk through the door.

Kim R: I appreciate that no matter how busy you are, the quality of the food you serve isnt sloppy or any different than when it's just a few folks. Attention to detail and service is everything.

Will P: That old country store feeling. From the moment you first hear about the food over the radio, then you drive on out and your first sight is the store and how it looks. Omg when you walk in some always says hi. Fantastic local products, talk about family atmosphere not only inside but outside,patio heaters for when it’s cold. Fun football frisbee balls for the kids (big and small). But hey who am I kidding without every individual thing it all wouldn’t work. You have put together a great family friendly all around place to enjoy and share and I hope for many years to come.

Jessica L: Seriously all about local and Lisa you have the biggest heart for people in need! We need more "determined to make a difference businesses" in the valley.

Trisha J: First, the smiles.. every time I go, the smiles impact me first, from the first moment you walk in, you are greeted with smiles, warmth, and love.. secondly, has the best local supportive community of business, family friendly, dog friendly, amazing place to go to get something made from scratch, made from the heart.. love it all..

Tori S: The memories I’ve made at Lisa Bee’s are my favorite things!!! Impromptu family gatherings, baby showers, riding my motorcycle out and relaxing in the shade while reading a book, watching my grand kids chase a ball, smiles and love all around

Chelsea B: My favorite thing about Lisa Bee's is the people, everyone who works there. Anyone can make a really good pie, ice cream cookies but at Lisa Bee's they make it with love and they love working there. Lisa is like mama Queen Bee and makes sure her family is taken care of. It wouldn't be the same if all the ladies were not there.

Maura B: My favorite thing is the family atmosphere. We can bring our little dog and sit outside in the summer. My adult children when they visit love going to Lisa Bee’s. They love the menu! Beef brisket to chocolate shakes to those cinnamon rolls I ordered them for Thanksgiving! Oh and my other half said he loves the view when he sits outside.

Korryn M: We love coming to the concerts! They are always so much fun and it’s an amazing atmosphere. I definitely don’t leave without a oatmeal cream filled cookie by the best baker in the valley (well I always buy minimum of 2) and I always find something super cute in the gift shop! This is our go to escape and I thank you for that!

Lisa S: So many things but I think your integrity; commitment to your community, family, and staff; willingness to ask for help when you need it it; your thanks and gratitude to others; your heart; your passion; and your pride shows in all you do. Thank you!

Jen V: How I feel when I leave.... physically and emotionally nourished! Great food and people.

Lynn F: Your transparency. You share your ups and downs. You share your love for your store, your community, your family, and your customers. You may not like having to ask for help but you do and it shows that your human, that running your own shop is hard and it sometimes takes a village. And you shop and sell local items. You support small business owners and they in turn support you. I love that dynamic.

Jennifer I: Always a great pit stop for my kids and I when we head to or from Wenatchee from Brewster! Great service, yummy food, wine slushees in the summer (I get those when I am kid free😉), and clean bathrooms because that’s always important!!!

Instagram Comments from 2018

kaybird1821: My favorite thing about Lisa Bee’s is Lisa! She’s an inspiration to all the other moms and women entrepreneurs who want to make their dreams a reality. She’s classy, sassy, and a touch of smart ass-y in the best way possible! She’s a legit down to Earth, lady boss role model.

jennylynne419: My favorite thing about Lisa Bee’s is how welcoming, real and authentic it is. It’s not just customer service, it’s family service. They make you feel like you’re apart of the team and not just a customer.

cassidy.bradford: How it brings our community together in a time where everything seems to tear us apart.

jesszjo: My favorite thing about Lisa Bee’s is you and your hubby!! You two are the most amazing, kind, respectful individuals with the biggest hearts. No matter who walks through your doors, you immediately show appreciation and love to them. You are a true friend, plus your pies and ice cream got me through the tough times this summer.

crystal_keen84: My favorite thing about Lisa Bee’s is her honesty. Not a lot of people are as honest as she is because they are afraid of people’s response. Lisa tells it like it is and it’s a refreshing change.